Sunday, April 24, 2011

Twin Birthday!

So our dear sweet little friends Maddie and Kohl turned one this week and to celebrate their parents who are also our dear sweet friends threw them a super cute Noah's Ark party. In lew of gifts we were all to bring a dish to share kind of like a potluck party. I of course immediately signed up for the desserts. I got an idea to do some funky Noah's Ark cookies in pink and green since our sweet twins are a brother and sister as well as a monogrammed chocolate sugar cookie.  Of course I couldn't leave it at cookies alone and whipped up some strawberry shortcake cupcakes filled with homemade strawberry jam and then some oreo cream cupcakes made with fresh cream. I tried my hand at making my own cupcake toppers and think they turned out ok for my first time. Happy Birthday again to Maddie and Kohl!!

Noah's Ark cookies

Oreo Cream cupcake with Oreo Cream filled center

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake with homemade strawberry jam filled center

Center picture is a  chocolate monogrammed sugar cookie

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