Friday, May 6, 2011

Mum cupcakes for Easter

This Easter we decided to stay in town due to our son's soccer game instead of going to visit family as we usually do. Our wonderful friends the Grodack's invited us to lunch with their family for Easter and we happily accepted. There was a wonderfully exciting Easter Egg hunt for the kids and yummy food for everyone. I asked what I could bring and offered up dessert of course! I figured since I had been making so much Easter stuff in the weeks past I would go a more spring route and make some Mum cupcakes. Hope you enjoy I know we did!!

Elmo's World

I received an order for Elmo cookies and cake pops about a month ago and couldn't wait for the time to come to get started on these little guys. The sweet little birthday boy was turning two and he loves his Elmo! Enjoy!
Elmo sugar cookies

Elmo cake pops

All bagged up and ready to go!

Its a Royal Wedding Afair!

Well unless you live under a rock you know that last week was the big Royal Wedding event! To celebrate this I hosted a small party for some of my mommy friends and their little ones. I knew right away that I wanted to dive into baking some cute wedding cookies and then on to the bride and groom cake pops! As per our two pregnant friends request I also made more of my Oreo chocolate cream cupcakes. Fun was had by all and the kids were full of sugar by the time they left. Good times!
Bride and Groom cake pops

Assorted wedding sugar cookies