Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hungry Caterpillar party

This weekend I had an order for a party for a sweet little girls first birthday. Her party was centered around the book The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I was asked to make strawberry shortcake cupcakes with a chocolate butterfly resembling the one in the book. I also made fruit shaped cookies for the children to take home as goodies. The was a fun project and I think it turned out nicely. As you can see though I forgot to thake pictures before I wrapped the cookies in the cellophane bags! Woops! Enjoy!

chocolate butterfly

Wrapper I had made special just for the little birthday princess!

Little Guy in a Tie Surprise Baby Shower

This weekend I held a surprise shower for my dear friend Corey. She and her husband Duncan have two very sweet little girls and are now welcoming there first little boy Brady. I had heard that she thought since she already had two children that maybe she shouldn't have a shower. I knew how to fix that quickly! It would have to be a surprise and a good one! After speaking with her husband and getting him to conspire with me the party was on. We had to have the party at a restaurant because the mommy to be goes to brunch every Sunday with her family and it was the perfect plan to pull off the surprise. So off to Mimi's Cafe we went! I choose a theme of Little Guy in a Tie and just ran with the color scheme. There were bow tie and neck tie cookies as well as baby onsie cookies with a tie on them as favors. I put little mustaches in the flower arrangements and even made several ribbon topiaries for the sweets table. We had a wonderful time and Corey was truly surprised. It was such a great day and we all can't wait to meet baby Brady!!

Sweets table

Chocolate Banana and Carrot Spice cupcakes were served

Ribbon Topiary

I made little bow ties for everyone to wear

Blessings board

Party Planning!!

Breaking news!!! I have decided to add party planning to the Sweet Expectations menu!!! It is something I enjoy greatly and after being asked to help with several parties I decided it was time to take the leap. There will be much more news to come soon as well as pricing and levels of planning packages. Stay tuned!