Sunday, April 24, 2011

One last Easter Post

So I have had many Easter orders and just couldn't compile them into one big post so they have been broken up a little. I had a last minute order for some Easter inspired cake pops and had alot of fun decorating them. Also brought some little Easter Bunny cupcakes to our son's school for their Easter party. The little cupcake bunny wraps are courtesy of I will have to come back and update that information. Well here are the last of the Easter treats as today is Easter and it is time to move on. Next up Royal Wedding fever!!
Easter basket order filled with lots of cookies and cake pops

Easter Buny cupcakes with sugar cookie ears. Wrappers courtesy of
Marbeled cookies for the Easter Basket
monogrammed cookie for basket

Easter cake pops. The lighting did not really pick up the decorations as well as I would hope but the customer was so happy and that is what matters!

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