Friday, March 18, 2011


So welcome to my new blog that will be my own little showcase of all the cookies, cake pops and cupcakes that I have made and will be making. This blog business is all new to me so bare with me as I figure it all out. I have loved all things crafty, including baking for as long as I can remember and with much encouragement finally decided to begin selling my little pieces of art! I must give my sister Joy props for naming Sweet Expectations. After many weeks of going back and forth, she suggested it to me and it just felt like a perfect fit! I would also like to thank the wonderful and talented Roxanne Morin of Morin Design for the graphic design for Sweet Expectations! I hope you enjoy taking a look at all of the different little creations. I will soon have all of my information up on the blog for ordering and pricing but for now feel free to email me at Thanks for stopping by!!

Mini cookiepops! Can be made into many shapes and colors.

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