Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Firetruck Party Extravaganza!

This Sunday we celebrated our little boys turning 5 and 3 years old with a big Firetruck celebration! I designed an entire sweets table just for them and 23 of there best friends! We started the party off with a trip to our local firestation for a tour and then headed back to our house for lunch and treats! Lots of fun was had by all and many wonderful memories were made! Everything from the party was DIY by yours truly! Even the cake which I made and then decorated with sugar cookies. Enjoy!!!
Each child had a thank you dalmation cookie bone in their goodie bags!

This is the sweets table I put together. Lots of goodies made by yours truly!

My first experience into cake making and decorating! I used sugar cookies for the decorations.

Balloon wreath I made for our front door.

Ribbon topiary

Individual firetruck cupcake stand

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